Light-hearted splendor, invigorating fun and pure love! This is what timeless Hollywood flicks about Las Vegas weddings are all about. The Hollywood film industry has given the world many romantic movies featuring the beautiful Vegas wedding theme,   helping create an essentially cozy atmosphere for a wonderful movie night with your lover. Among them, there are a few outstanding and time-proven films that have received the most favorable critical acclaim and the warmest reception from valiant movie fans. So here, we’re reviewing the three most popular movies.

Saved By the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas


Teen drama sitcoms represent the carefree spirit of the iconic 80s. Driven by the growing hype around youth culture as well as the huge demand for something solely teeny and flowery, the creators of the Saved By the Bell series caused a mighty furor soon after the TV show was released.

The popularity of the cult sitcom was marked by the creation of a full-length sequel movie, Saved By the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas. Here, the show’s teenage vigor zoomed out to the post-college years of the two main characters. Mature and a little more self-conscious, while still as sprightly and buoyant as back in school, our old friends Kelly and Zack amuse the nostalgic viewer as they strive to evade the various pitfalls they encounter on their way to the world’s capital of fun, Las Vegas. Permeated with crazy glee and the famous atmosphere of Sin City, the flick has quite rightly become a role model of what a real teenage romantic movie should be like.

What Happens in Vegas

In this fascinating gambling-inspired movie, the epic-fail tradition of getting married drunk in Las Vegas is portrayed in the most hilarious way possible. The film features a bittersweet duet of two daredevils who end getting married after they rock it hard at one of the fussiest gambling spots of Sin City. The impressive acting of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher adds some charm to the story, while the movie’s setting artfully depicts the Vegas gambling craze at its best.


This straightforward yet charming movie plot comes down to just a few elements: two party animals, Jack and Joy, gamble hard, get drunk, get married when high, find out they had hit a jackpot, and eventually, each of the greedy couple tries to grab the hellishly huge winning all to themselves (there are several subsequent plot turns, but no spoilers here!) And you may have already guessed that the whole string of confusing events is enhanced by the romance that suddenly breaks out between heedless Jack and absent-minded Joy.

Viva Las Vegas

The origins of this legendary phrase can be traced back to a quintessential classic vintage romantic comedy, starring the immortal king of rock’n’roll. Viva Las Vegas is one of the few outstanding products of the film industry that helped make Sin City a truly epochal place. Here Elvis’s “go-go guy” and Ann Margaret’s “bye-bye gal” harmonically complement each other’s so imperfect yet appealing personalities, while a burning passion gradually develops between the two of them.

Regarded as one of Presley’s best performances, this immortal musical film is recognized primarily for its flashy locale, which is good old Vegas itself! Within this movie setting, the city serves as a lavish platform for the starry couple’s ostentatious dancing,  as choreographed by incomparable David Winters, and accompanied by some truly unforgettable rock’n’roll music. Especially noteworthy is the special chemistry between the two characters, which is deemed to be the film’s most recognizable and remarkable quality. Indeed, what Elvis was so masterly executing alongside his co-star in the film leaves us astonished and amazed. No wonder! The King’s superb artistic performance and famous charisma help make this picture-perfect movie a truly lively and enchanting one, leaving the viewer with a lasting sense of love and delight.

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