Lucky in Love and Cards: Casino Love Stories

We’ve all heard of the saying ‘lucky at cards, unlucky in love’. But, who’s to say that’s actually true? Why wouldn’t we be able to combine our love of gambling with our life partners?

Let’s take a look at slot machines for a second. It works with a computer mechanism which decides the outcome of the game on its own. You don’t have a say in it, you just pull the lever or press the button and hope for the best. The only thing you’re asked to do is tap into your bank account and transfer the funds. Much like when your wife decides to redecorate the living room.

But, despite the popular belief, it’s wrong to think that men are the only ones interested in gambling. The truth is, women love it as much. So, if you’re willing to test your luck on a game of chance, maybe it’s time you test your luck on a game of emotions, together with someone who’s as passionate about your hobby as you are.

We’ll go through some of the cutest couple stories, starting with a couple who met while playing casino slot games.

Love Your Slot Neighbors

This story comes from Verona, Italy. Sabrina, a lovely Italian lady, has shared how she met her husband-to-be. At first, Sabrina never enjoyed gambling. It just wasn’t her thing. But, her boyfriend at the time was an avid slot player, so she decided to join him and go on her first trip to a real casino.

When she entered, Sabrina didn’t expect all the elegance, adrenaline and luxury that you experience in a casino. In the beginning, she just followed her boyfriend around as she didn’t know what to do. However, he didn’t really devote any of his time to Sabrina, as he was way too focused on going from one slot machine to another. Sabrina soon lost interest in following him around (especially as it wasn’t fun for her to watch him lose his money), so she went a separate way.

She chose to put €10 into a slot out of boredom. It was clear as day she didn’t know what she was doing, which a random guy sitting next to her also noticed. He asked her if that was her first time in a casino, to which she replied affirmatively. “Well, you’re a lucky first-timer!”, he said, “You just won $200”!

Excited, she rushed to her boyfriend who ignored her hellos. Disinterested, Sabrina went back to her slot neighbor and offered to buy him a drink. They started chatting and she found out he was also not a gambling man. They exchanged numbers and Sabrina broke off with her boyfriend the next day.

Now, Sabrina and her fiancée spend their anniversaries playing slots and reminiscing how they met over a game.

Dating Casino App

This story has an unlikely setting — it begins in a Facebook group made out of members of Caesars Slots, a gaming app. Donna, a widow from Ontario, started noticing frequent comments from Gary, a single player from Halifax. She started liking his posts and comments and finally slid into his DMs by complimenting his messages.

Gary, a ladykiller he was, needed over a year of textual back-and-forths before he gathered the courage to do a video call. They started chatting with a camera in use, usually talking late into the night about many different and interesting topics (somehow, a topic of Donna’s cat also snuck in).

A year later (so, two years into the relationship), Gary, our courageous knight in shining armor finally asked Donna out. He took a two-week trip to Ontario where they met and hanged out. The romance, however, started on their second meetup. So, two years, two trips, and thousands of slot rounds later, Donna and Gary finally hit it off. Gary calls himself the lucky one in the relationship. Perhaps because Donna is clearly the lucky one on the app, as she has a much greater balance.

Hitting A 20-Year-Old… Jackpot!

The MGM Grand Hotel Casino in Las Vegas could finally retire one of their oldest-serving slot machines. An elderly couple from New Hampshire, Walter and Linda Misco, hit a $2,4 million jackpot which was building up over the course of 20 odd years.

The casino stated that they’ve waited for over 20 years for that moment to happen. It was the most popular slot in the casino, with people flocking just to try their luck on it. On average, people placed a bet on every five seconds each day. People would come and ask the staff where Lion’s Share was, as they would come specifically to play a game they’ve never played before.

Now that the machine has paid out the jackpot (meeting Nevada’s law requirements of a machine having to pay out 75% of the money to players).

Walter Misco, the lucky winner, said that it was his wife who convinced him to go and play the then-famous slot game Lion’s Share. They spent about five minutes and played just a few spins when they struck the golden vein.

Spin Once, Win Twice

When there’s love involved, magic can really happen. You lose to a Full House with a pair of queens, but one Queen of Hearts might change your fortunes forever. You know, at least until she files for divorce and asks for half of all of your belongings.

All in all, going to a casino can bring you awesome prizes. Just don’t become too involved with the game. Take a look around, you might strike lucky twice. Have fun!

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