Opulent Wedding in Vegas

The iconic image of Las Vegas as a picture-perfect wedding venue has been a deeply-rooted one, ever since the city turned from a sultry desert to the unsurpassable hub of grandiosity and “sinful” entertainment we know it as today. And it is indeed Sin City that always pops up in people’s mind, when it comes to throwing a truly memorable wedding party!

It will be no surprise to hear that the City of Vice is brimming with glitzy spots where you can finally have the chance to celebrate your wonderful wedding. And of course, these places will also give you a complete range of options for how to finally enjoy the wedding of your dreams! High-class resorts, luxurious venues, and even the bare fact of just being Las Vegas are all crucial ingredients that help to make it such a famous and spectacular city. So in a nutshell, this city truly is a great option for moneyed couples who are finally ready to splurge out on their wedding ceremony and have a truly breathtaking day. So, if your pockets are already teeming with green bills, you will definitely want to check out the noteworthy hotel venue ideas; so you can finally get a luxury wedding that only a well-heeled celebrity or some gambling business magnate will be able to afford!

Hotels That Keep Up With Your Status

That’s right! The first thing you consider when planning a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas is a one-night-stand love nest. But besides this, some people like to think of the hotel as the main venue they are actually going to throw their wedding party! So we’re going to introducing some of the most expensive upper-class hotels you can find here.

  1. MGM Grand Hotel

MGM Grand Hotel

By far the most expensive and lavish hotel in Vegas, MGM Grand is one of the top flagship locations of Sin City. This hotel is a part of the huge MGM Grand resort. The hotel is designed for the elite, who want a truly luxurious experience. The third-largest hotel complex in the world, this high-class extravagant venue is a perfect spot for holding your wedding celebration. And better still, this grand complex features a truly world-renowned casino, where you can finally let your hair down in between the celebrated flare-ups of the Big Day!

  1. Nobu Hotel, Caesars Palace

Nobu Hotel-Caesars Palace

The exclusive Japanese design of this top-notch hotel makes it a striking one-of-a-kind piece of art among the diverse array of modern-style hotels in Vegas. The rich oriental vibe of Nobu will make your wedding a so much better experience with its tranquil ambience and unique ancient furnishings. Have you been dreaming of having a traditional wedding ceremony with some distinguished feng-shui elements? Well, here you go! The Noby Hotel staff are ready to perform a sacred wedding rite in the style of the Land of the Rising Sun.

  1. Bellagio


As one of the grandest landmarks of good old Vegas, this MGM-operated resort is famous for being mesmerizingly vast and luxurious. Designed in a classy European style and surrounded by beautiful fountains, the hotel is an incomparable wedding venue for haute couture enthusiasts.  And as the icing on the cake, the resort offers you a chance to dive into the unrestrained world of great gaming — here you have a truly spectacular casino.

  1. Wynn Las Vegas


This magnificent complex comprises a hotel, a casino, a sumptuous resort, and a whopping shopping mall! Stevie Wynn knows how to impress even the pickiest of deep-pocketed visitors who are looking for a top place to have a wedding party. Its elegant design, along with the breathtaking panoramic view of the inviting Las Vegas, must be what you’ve been looking for all this time! And with an exciting selection of 20 luxurious restaurants, this hotel is sure to attract tons of connoisseurs who are looking for a good location for their wedding party.

  1. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The impeccable palette of blue and white colors making up the peculiar decor of hotel rooms makes for a very heart-warming atmosphere. And it’s not only the colors that make this wedding venue so special — the living spaces of Cosmopolitan are impressively large, featuring some beautiful terraces of their own that all offer a jaw-dropping view of Sin City. And if a terrace is not enough for you, the hotel invites you to pay a visit to its huge pool. Here, you can also get a wide panoramic view of the world’s gambling capital. And, of course, Cosmopolitan can hardly deprive its visitors of their gaming entertainment now, can it? Well fortunately enough,  — the hotel offers a 100,000 square foot casino where they can all party like a real casino star after getting hitched!

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