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Common interests and hobbies are a vital factor for a healthy and successful relationship between couples. Sharing your professional preferences, fads for leisure activities or a passion for literature are the crucial triggers that draw you and your lover together; for each of you, of course, does reflect the personality of your loved one. A relationship based on mutual interests always leads to a strong and powerful connection between two lovers.

Driven by an unconditional love for football, cooking or just chilling on your favorite sofa, your relationship is reinforced by a lot more than your attraction towards each other, even if this is the fundamental aspect of any connection with the good fortune to be bound by love. It spices up both your lives as well, allowing you to come up with new ideas for enjoying an amazing time together. And the chemistry between you and your partner is about to get even more intense and passionate if your common ground lies in gambling, of all things!

Yes, sharing a taste for this sort of particular kind of entertainment can be exceptionally enriching and beneficial for your relationship; every bit as much as this exciting activity itself! The exhilarating nature of any gambling game and of poker in particular, along with your perennial craving for cash winnings, and the complex brew of emotions you experience during play — these are the foundations of your shared experiences, both during and after the games you share! So far, the world has known a lot of gambling couples whose similar passion for poker, for instance, has made them auspicious signs of a happy and lively marriage. But now, we’re introducing you to the most outstanding and accomplished couples who have had the good fortune to be bound by the sacred ties of love and poker alike!

1. Erick Lindgren & Erica Schoenberg


The namesake of the legendary creator of Karlsson’s, Erick Lindgren, is a renowned holder of two World Poker Tour titles, two WSOP bracelets, and over $9 million in tournament earnings so far. Ranked 28th in the All Time Money List of poker, Erick is a real household name in the poker industry. So, it makes sense that this adept and advanced player was only prepared to tie the knot with a true equal; something he actually managed to do in 2011, after marrying another poker virtuoso, Erica Schoenberg, who can boast $850,000 of total live tournament winnings. The two poker prodigies supported each other in their crazy gaming, demonstrating the excellence and superiority of their inspiring duet. Unfortunately, the big gambling and love adventure they shared lasted only until 2014, when one of them filed for divorce.

2. Vanessa Rousso & Chad Brown

Ranked among the top 10 most influential female poker players, Rousso cashed over $700,000 in 2007, and placed their money as many as seventeen times at WSOP! Vanessa remains one of the few truly gifted female poker players who has really shown her mettle in this supposedly male form of entertainment. Her beloved Chad Brown managed to finish in the money at several WSOP events, and so he ended up being chosen as Vanessa’s one and only! They met at the 2006 Five-star World Poker Classic after reaching the final table — and here Rousso outperformed her future lover, finishing 7th, while Chad took 9th place. Later on, these two poker “gourmets” were often spotted at a poker table, engaged in their traditional hang-out activity. And the couple would indeed have come first place in their further poker endeavors if it hadn’t been for Chad’s untimely death in 2014. But for what it’s worth, the two were dubbed the best-looking couple in poker history.

3. Kara Scott & Giovanni Rizzo

Scott, a brand ambassador for the 888poker online cardroom and famous TV host, is best known in the gambling world for finishing 2nd in 2009 Irish Open for €312, 600, as well as for having over $550,000 in live poker tournament winnings. She also anchored a few high-ranking television shows, including Poker Night Live and High Stakes Poker. Her beloved husband, Rizzo paved his way into big poker by cashing in with back-to-back Main Events both in 2010 and 2011.

4. Phil Hellmuth & Katherine Hellmuth


A celebrified record winner of fifteen WSOP bracelets and holder of $22,850,000 in live poker tournament winnings, Hellmuth is notorious for his “peculiar” temper and reaction when things don’t work out the way he expected. Katherine, his overly patient and tolerant spouse-psychologist (and here we can assume that Kathy’s being a psychologist is better for Phil than her taste for gambling!), is an avid gambler too; but her grip on the gaming process is a little weaker, and so perhaps a little more socially acceptable to some!

5. Phil Laak & Jennifer Tilly

Phil Laak & Jennifer Tilly

An honored holder of the World Poker Tour Title and a WSOP bracelet, Laak is widely recognized for wearing a hoodie at poker tables, which brought him some popularity, and also led him to get the nickname “The Unabomber.” At the 2005 WSOP, Phil finished second, losing to Johnny Chan, and grabbed the inaugural William Hill Poker Grand Prix, cashing £150,000. “The Unabomber” also won NBC’s Poker After Dark, winning $120,000. His renowned girlfriend, Jennifer Tilly is an acclaimed Hollywood celebrity who was nominated for Academy Awards and has starred in several high-grossing films and sitcoms, boasts her accomplishments in this card game, too. In 2005, Tilly triumphed at WSOP, winning a bracelet and $158,625. Later on, she enriched her achievements by winning the third World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational Tour. In June 2017, her live poker tournament winnings made up $1 million. Altogether, the starry couple earned about $3.5 million in live tournament winnings!

6. Jennifer Harman & Marco Traniello

And we’re now about to stumble upon some real benevolence and altruism in the world of poker! The winner of two WSOP bracelets, a feat only three women have achieved up to now, Harman is also a well-known charity poker activist. In 2009, she organized an event that helped raise $111, 000 for the National Kidney Foundation. Jennifer’s Italian poker-crazy husband, Marco Traniello, made his first appearance at WSOP in 2005, where he finished in the money in seven events. Later in the 2005 World Speed Poker Open Traniello won $15,000. Before meeting his wife, Marco made a living by hairdressing, and he must have been pretty dismissive of the prospects of becoming a professional poker player!


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