It’s not always a marriage certificate that couples need to prove their love to each other — for some people, the true evidence of their feelings is already in their flaming hearts. Most lovers simply want to enjoy the party that commemorates the celebration of their love and have all the fun of a wedding and a stag party! And this is what has actually triggered the sought-after trend of doing fake weddings — a perfect solution for couples who don’t want to prove their love in any way beyond their concrete actions and who consider all this paperwork a mere triviality.

A fake (or pretend) wedding is a traditional ceremony with all the usual magnificent flowers, extravagant cars, lavish venues, and a thrilling atmosphere; except there are no legal documents to testify you’ve married the love of your life. Such unconventional concepts are especially appealing to those laid-back and reckless couples that place the celestial far above the corporeal, if you will; and who thus decide to get fake-married. The concentration of pretend weddings is definitely highest in Las Vegas, the world’s famous hub of endless sin and the perennial philosophy of no-strings-attached. The city offers a vast array of exclusive services and options to help you throw a remarkable faux wedding. And we bet you’re all going to want to a look at all these essential places to get fake-married at!

1. The Little Vegas Chapel

Founded in 2013, this attractive full-service wedding chapel has clearly established itself as a true symbol of lavishness and partying in Las Vegas. The chapel ceremonies are coordinated by a highly professional team of wedding planners, officiants, photographers, etc. Its hallmark is the organization of amazing Elvis-themed weddings, which is one of the main factors of why the chapel is so popular among retro-fancy couples. And, lastly, The Little Vegas Chapel is widely and actively recognized for organizing fake wedding receptions for those couples following a casual and somewhat careless mode of life.

A fake wedding at The Little Vegas Chapel includes all the attributes of a real traditional ceremony. Here you have the inevitable Mendelssohn march, vows of commitment, exchange of rings, and a professional photo shoot. The only thing suggestive of a ‘fake marriage’  is the complete absence of legal paperwork.

2. Pop-up Wedding Chapel, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


The extravagant design of this chapel, as well as its strange name, has added immensely to its image of an inviting venue for pretend weddings. The chapel offers a complex of services to amply satisfy even your most eccentric whims. The package features ceremony decor, and of course, some live music as well.

3. Chapel Of Crystals

Part of Westgate Resort & Casino, the chapel is one of the most spectacular landmarks of Sin City. Chapel of Crystals provides an impressively wide selection of wedding packages, both traditional and themed. With the impeccable service and the exceptional professionalism of the staff, this venue is the perfect spot to hold a fake wedding.

4. The Elvis Wedding Chapel

The Elvis Wedding Chapel

The perfect reputation this Elvis-themed chapel has gained over 20 years has changed the approach of most couples to the ceremonies — this venue has established a number of brand-new traditions and customs for throwing an epic wedding party. And even if the couple is not willing to sign a marriage certificate, they’ll still want to experience a real wedding ceremony at this marvelous chapel.

This chapel is titled as the most “original” Elvis-themed venue. Its staff’s foremost priority is creating an ultimately authentic vintage ambience, as well as giving you the most genuine atmosphere possible for your fake wedding!

5. E&P Chapel

Another renowned Elvis-themed spot, E&P Chapel will fake your wedding for you so brightly and beautifully, that you won’t even think about trivia as a marriage certificate in the aftermath to your big event. Impeccable Elvis and Priscilla impersonators, luxury decor, full-service package, and much more — these are the pivotal elements for your big day.

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