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Getting married in Las Vegas has always been the ultimate symbol of “living happily ever after,” as well as the ultimate option for those who prefer a classic vintage wedding. Despite the cliche, the dazzling abundance of fun and entertainment on offer in Sin City has turned it into the world’s most attractive wedding venue. Luxurious suites in the world’s top hotels, top-notch cars, and the astounding opulence of Las Vegas streets at night are all key draws for people from all over the world, enticing them into this haven of pleasure and bliss.

And it goes without saying that you can’t have anything for nothing; so throwing a lavish Vegas wedding party is probably going to cost you an arm and a leg. Yet, experience has shown that even in Las Vegas, one of the most expensive and sophisticated cities of the world, it’s perfectly possible to cut back on your expenses and still have an amazing wedding in the world’s gambling capital!

So here, we have compiled the most effective tips on how to cut the cost of your wedding in Las Vegas.

Guest List

Let’s start with fixing your guest list. It’s very difficult to leave out your loved ones when you’re planning a wedding in Vegas. But removing a few people from your list will reduce the cost on almost everything at your wedding ceremony — from chair rental to drinks! But just so know, shortening your guest list can help you cut your wedding expenses by half as well!

Invitation Letters

wedding Letters

If you’ve ever googled wedding postcards, you must have got pretty scared the second you saw the minimum price! Normally, the wedding stores in Vegas showcase some deluxe and high-quality postcards, which are all made with the help of some cutting-edge typography techniques. However, if you decide to be a little more patient when looking through a myriad of wedding shops out there, you will definitely find a good solution for your wedding “stationery.” Besides, there’s still the good old DIY way of crafting a killer postcard for your beloved guests! Use your creativity and imagination to develop a truly unique and one-of-a-kind postcard to capture the beautiful memories you’re going to have on your big day.

Style of Your Nuptial

This is when the common rule, “the simpler the better,” sounds as reasonable and relevant as ever. Depending on all those picture-perfect wedding ideas from magazine covers and making your wedding day a glamorous socialite-style venue typical for Sin City is not always the best solution for celebrating tying the knot!

Banal and outdated as it may sound, do remember that the most important thing about your wedding is the inner atmosphere; the love that blooms from within the hearts of you and your beloved! Because after all, it’s definitely not the interior design or the “right” color of the curtain that make your wedding remarkable and memorable now, is it? So, why not consider sticking to a more laid-back and casual style of your wedding ceremony? Just opt for some low-key cuisine, decorate the venue with less sophisticated elements, or simply throw your wedding party right on the breathtaking outdoor vistas of Nevada!

Cheap Wedding Packages


Wedding chapels, which are among the traditional Las Vegas venues that are most appealing to customers, offer a diverse range of packages that meet the needs of both moneyed couples and those who want to reduce their wedding expenses. Here we will check out the cheapest packages featured by Vegas wedding chapels.

Elvis Chapel: Cherish Package and Signature Only Wedding

This renowned Elvis-themed chapel offers comprehensive services including low-priced packages. Its Cherish Package provides one of the most client-friendly set of wedding services and costs only $99. This package comprises the following services:

  • the religious or civil wedding ceremony,
  • 5 high-resolution photos,
  • beautiful bridal bouquet,
  • instrumental music,
  • silk boutonniere.

Signature Only Wedding Package suits couples with less money, as well as those who prefer peaceful lowliness to noisy and flamboyant ceremonies. The package includes a licensed officiant and a witness. The price of this package is $60.

A Little White Wedding Chapel: Drive Thru Tunnel and Gazebo Ceremony

This wedding chapel is recognized for its wonderful decor and the variety of wedding themes it offers. The chapel also features extremely cheap packages, Drive Thru Tunnel package and Gazebo Ceremony package. With the Drive Thru Tunnel, you get an amazing chance to have a unique ceremony in one of the world’s famous wedding venues. The package also includes a religious or civil ceremony and a witness and costs just $50. Gazebo Ceremony features a religious or civil solemnity and a witness and, most importantly, a beautiful white gazebo with its cozy benches and ornamental curtains.


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