For the best casino players, casinos are not just places where they can spin a roulette wheel or hit a slot button. The love some players have for casinos goes well beyond giving a positive review, or just commonly attending their favorite casino. The most avid casino lovers have even decided to dedicate their wedding party to gambling! Yes, quick-witted gamblers are indeed pampering themselves with a cool casino-themed wedding ceremony. So just for curiosity’s sake, why not take a look at our casino-themed wedding tips?

The Utmost Decor

If you’re trying to turn your wedding into a stunning casino venue, the first thing you want to pay special attention to is the decor of your ceremony. Apply the elegant aesthetics of a classic household name casino to your wedding place. Here are the crucial elements you need to recreate the killer design of an haute-couture Las Vegas casino.

  1. Embellish the ceiling with chandeliers. This trick will not only amply the overall image of your casino-inspired nuptial ceremony design, but it will also resolve some more practical matters this kind of lighting e will emphasize every single fold of your breathtaking wedding dress!
  2. Get the walls painted in attractive dark colors. The ambience of most high-end casinos is characterized by the reserved and “humble” shades to be found there; these are extremely soothing to the players, and also for your guests. It’s important not to overdo the coloring by making the place too gloomy and uninviting. Try to strike the right balance between an overly casual and messy loft style and an exquisite nightlife lounge spirit.
  3. Cover the floor with a traditional checked red carpet. Surprisingly, this subtle (but crucial!) detail of your casino decor is a great representation of the enchanting atmosphere of a gambling venue. So, try and decorate the place like an actual gaming heaven: consider getting a high-quality fabric carpet, either a red or a black one; something which will reflect the distinguished “nerve” of your wedding venue!
  4. Bring a real casino table. This is one of the truly essential items from a real casino; one you really can’t do without. To get them for your wedding ceremony, you can use any gambling store or else contact casino administration; especially if you have connections there. If you’re an adept gambler, the last resort option may be trading a lavish green table for your game winning. An actual casino table will really make your big gambling wedding night.Wedding

Gaming Fun They Only Have at Casinos

But please don’t forget the most important aspect of the whole casino enterprise – the fun. Embellishing your wedding venue until it resembles a reputable gaming establishment is a key step towards making your wedding ceremony a real rock-it gambling party.

Plan a selection of gaming activities to tackle during your wedding: an exciting roulette contest or a traditional poker tournament. And it’s not merely the gaming part that can help enhance the genuine gambling entertainment of your wedding – hire some professional musicians who will hit some good old jazz sounds, the kind of music we typically associate with gambling venues! Glittering saxophones, trumpets, and drums will help create perfect wedding casino vibe. Spinning the legendary roulette wheel to Daddy Sinatra’s smooth, seductive tones will help you have a really lovely wedding day: not only for you and your spouse but also the lucky guests, who will be really grateful they didn’t decline your invitation!

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