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Famous Slot Couples

Slot Couples

Lucky in Love and Cards: Casino Love Stories We’ve all heard of the saying ‘lucky at cards, unlucky in love’. But, who’s to say that’s actually true? Why wouldn’t we be able to combine our love of gambling with our life partners?

Famous Poker Couples

Most Famous Couples in Poker

Common interests and hobbies are a vital factor for a healthy and successful relationship between couples. Sharing your professional preferences, fads for leisure activities or a passion for literature are the crucial triggers that draw you and your lover together; for each of you, of course, does reflect the personality of your loved one. A […]

Wedding Ideas

Casino-Style Wedding

For the best casino players, casinos are not just places where they can spin a roulette wheel or hit a slot button. The love some players have for casinos goes well beyond giving a positive review, or just commonly attending their favorite casino. The most avid casino lovers have even decided to dedicate their wedding […]


Top Famous Movies About Weddings in Las Vegas

Light-hearted splendor, invigorating fun and pure love! This is what timeless Hollywood flicks about Las Vegas weddings are all about. The Hollywood film industry has given the world many romantic movies featuring the beautiful Vegas wedding theme,   helping create an essentially cozy atmosphere for a wonderful movie night with your lover. Among them, there are […]


Opulent Wedding in Vegas: Top Luxury Hotels

  The iconic image of Las Vegas as a picture-perfect wedding venue has been a deeply-rooted one, ever since the city turned from a sultry desert to the unsurpassable hub of grandiosity and “sinful” entertainment we know it as today. And it is indeed Sin City that always pops up in people’s mind, when it […]


A Little White Wedding Chapel

    Even if it’s universally recognized as the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas is also widely known for its unbridled wedding craze — indeed, Sin City really is piled high with spectacular wedding venues that are a great draw for all you lucky gamblers out there, as well as quite a lot […]