A-Little-White-WeddingEven if it’s universally recognized as the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas is also widely known for its unbridled wedding craze — indeed, Sin City really is piled high with spectacular wedding venues that are a great draw for all you lucky gamblers out there, as well as quite a lot of non-players who still want their nuptials to be an experience they will never forget! Las Vegas, as a true haven of endless celebration and fun, proudly boasts a variety of its striking wedding spots whose uniqueness and grandeur never fail to allure and attract a host of excited visitors!

And there’s one tremendously popular wedding spot that really does stand out among all the other impressive chapels here: A Little White Wedding Chapel! But this is a classic misnomer: because this wedding venue is anything but little. Not to mention it’s also a lot more than just a chapel — because its distinctive beauty and the broad spectrum of services it offers make A Little White Wedding Chapel a real masterpiece, where people can spend the happiest day of their life!

Some Background

A Little White Wedding Chapel was established in 1951 by a bunch of creative “eager beavers” who were striving to spice up the ceremony traditions for celebs. It was designed as a small wedding venue with just a few basic essentials, in order to conduct a decent wedding for people with a special taste for lavishness and luxury! Soon, the venue expanded into an immense wedding hub, that started gaining the utter affection of couples in love from all over the United States. Today it is owned by Charolette Richards; the chapel has become of the most visited wedding spots in the City of Vice.

What Is So Special About the Chapel?

With over 50 years of excellent customer service, A Little White Wedding Chapel has managed to marry about 800,000 couples, including such mind-blowingly famous people as Frank Sinatra, Mickey Rooney, Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Britney Spears.

A Little White Wedding Chapel features a collection of high-end wedding chapels known for their luxurious design and cozy atmosphere. Customers are offered the chance to celebrate their special day in the following special places: The Tunnel of Love — the famous drive-thru, Gazebo — a perfect place to hold an outdoor ceremony, Chapel L’Amour — an ideal venue for party animals, Crystal Chapel — for those who like more intimate, and MJ Chapel — if you want to have your vow renewal right here. The Chapel offers 16 amazing packages, which altogether make up the ultimate array of excellent services; so that you can finally get married the way you’ve been dreaming of all your life.

But by far the most extraordinary highlight of A Little White Wedding Chapel is its Drive Through Tunnel. This consists of a wonderfully and lovingly painted ceiling that features celestial motifs — some little baby angels holding their tiny bows. Next to the minimalist white columns, there are also some eye-pleasing decorative shrubs that add some real festive vibes to this place! There is also quite an interesting and touching story behind the Tunnel too. In 1991, Charolette Richards happened to see a disabled couple struggling to get out of their car upon arriving at the Chapel. So the owner was smart enough to work out right away that having a drive-up window would greatly facilitate the experience of physically challenged couples.

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