Poker has become so crucial nowadays that it shouldn’t be perceived as only a hobby or a favorite pastime. Oh, no — it has rightfully earned a title of a profession. And not only that — it’s now a lifestyle, and to some, a state of mind. Once someone treads into the world of poker, they won’t want to leave… ever. And if you’re not familiar with it that much, it would only take one game to see why people are fascinated with it. In a nutshell, it’s engrossing and relies heavily on players’ individual skills.

Thus, it’s no wonder that your significant other decided to become a professional poker player. Apart from providing excitement, this is a cash game which, if a person was born with a natural talent for, can make them rich. This card game requires that its players focus all of their attention on it. Make no mistake — this isn’t the old-fashioned pull of a lever that might or might not end in a player’s victory. So eliminate all prejudice you might have about casino games and accept poker and your loved one’s passion for it.

poker loveAnd if you’re not sure how to do it, continue reading this article, as we’ll break down some important pieces of advice. After all, you probably want your partner to perceive you as a supportive and loving person. You don’t want to come across as an individual who berates them for their choice of profession. Let’s be honest; no one likes naggers — and why would they? So put a smile on your face and get ready to become the unrivaled significant other.

Let’s go over the top 10 tips for a poker player’s girlfriend.

Accept Poker as a Profession

Most couples report this to be the main issue of their relationship. The girlfriends aren’t willing to view poker as anything else but a game you play with your friends each Friday night. You know, it’s there to help you unwind after a stressful week — it doesn’t exist as a profession. Some even believe that real jobs are only the ones which society accepts. In their heads, it can’t be something colorful and a calling that is out of the ordinary. Well, if you were willing to enter a relationship with this stance, then you’d be doomed from the get-go.

So only start dating poker pros if you won’t have any prejudice. Admittedly, some people around you might try to convince you that their participation in a poker tournament doesn’t exactly lend itself to a job. However, be a supportive girlfriend and call them out on their old-fashioned views. Your relationship won’t work if you’re not willing to accept everything that comes with this line of business. And in doing so, you will surely enjoy all the benefits this profession brings with itself. Therefore, don’t listen to what lots of people have to say, and you won’t regret a thing.

Learn Poker Terminology

If you want to impress your partner, then you can start by learning poker terminology. You don’t have to go all out — begin with the basics and work your way from there. One of the reasons why this is essential is that their stories will be much clearer to you. Namely, you won’t scratch your head when they mention that they were the ones sitting left of the dealer and placing the small blind. This “confusing” language won’t be so confusing anymore. You’d understand that they’re talking about forced bets two players need to make before the actual game commences.

Furthermore, they’ll appreciate your effort and see that you’re taking them seriously. In fact, as with any job, poker will comprise about 50% of your conversations. And basically, not knowing how to speak the language of poker will mean that you don’t know how to talk to your partner. Every conversation will be forced, and you’ll find yourself nodding your head without having any understanding of what’s going on. So the next time they’re talking about No-Limit Hold’em, show them your new side and spot the look of bewilderment that’ll appear on their face.

Try the Game

There might come a time when you’ll want to see for yourself what’s so appealing about this game. If it does, then don’t be just a spectator — try playing poker yourself. This is how you’ll get a feel for the game and check firsthand why everyone is raving about it. As most poker players do, your partner will surely lend a helping hand and provide some useful tips. They can even teach you some poker strategies that you can employ and delve deeper on the odds of winning.

This way, you might end up loving poker and being their adoring fan in each tournament. Of course, some players might think that they can turn you into the next Vanessa Rousso. But if you feel that they are pressuring you too much, be honest and tell them. You can say that you just want to learn the basics so that you could appreciate their job more. Also, you might want to tell them that you don’t have any aspirations towards becoming a professional player (if you do, no one is judging).

But once you actually play the game, you’ll understand why it causes so many emotions and why your partner is so fixated on it. In turn, this will help you understand them better.

Be Patient

cardsPoker players might react differently when they face losing streaks. Some of them are temperamental and moody, which is a good basis for a fight. Others just like to keep quiet and not talk about their bad day at work. Regardless of this, you need to be patient with them and grasp how stressful this is for them. In fact, you can count to ten and remember that time something didn’t go as planned at work. Remind yourself how you felt and what it took for you to go over it.

Once you do, you can start planning how to distract them and get them back on track. For instance, you can take them to the movies where you’ll see that film they have been talking about for ages. It might not be your go-to picture, but it will help them relax and focus their attention elsewhere. Or you might decide to go to a restaurant.

Alternatively, you might opt for calling their friends who will surely know how to make the night memorable. Either way, they need to see that you’re willing to be patient with them. This way, there will be no arguing, and you’ll actually assist them in getting back on track.

Be Supportive

Winning at poker occurs just as regularly as losing. This is only natural, as it’s common in any other sport as well. It’s of paramount importance for you to be supportive throughout any phase. There will be times when you’ll spend hours celebrating their latest win in a tournament; but sometimes, they might come home morose because they didn’t have the strongest hand during the showdown. Whatever the scenario, be caring and encouraging. God knows we all need this kind of attitude in our everyday life.

What’s more, if you show that you’re supportive, then they’ll extend you the same courtesy. It’s kind of a given in a relationship — what you give is what you receive.

Acknowledge Their Efforts

Every person out there likes to receive compliments and pats on the back because of a job well-done. It’s the same with poker players. In fact, some of their accomplishments might overshadow other people’s. So it’s only natural that you’d need to devote some time to expressing how proud you are of them. And you should be in awe of their efforts, as they’ll make them strike gold in poker. If you shed light on their endeavors, they’ll become extremely motivated and prepared to take on the next game.

Of course, you don’t need to overdo it and blow everything out of proportion. Just be honest about how you feel because it’s inevitable that their winning streaks will put a smile on your face. After all, you are dating them, and what they do, in a way, represents you as well.

Get Used to the Hectic Schedule

Don’t make any assumptions about the schedule your partner keeps. That is not your regular, run-of-the-mill profession. In all honesty, their schedule will differ depending on their variant of choice. After all, poker tournaments are happening 24/7, and they will probably keep an eye on the most lucrative ones. That means that they don’t have any fixed working hours. Not to mention that some games can last for hours on end. If this is the case, no one can say when they’ll finish and come back home.

Moreover, they won’t stop playing after eight hours just because that’s the time you’d normally spend at work. The only time they’ll stop is when everyone has either lost or when they have been eliminated from the table. So you have to understand the reality of poker. You can’t just leave the table, especially when you might make a significant amount of money. Prepare for their “overtime,” if you will. Additionally, accept the fact that they might need to leave the town and play elsewhere — it’s all part of the job.

Take the Bad with the Good

Some say that it’s important to get ready for emotional swings in your relationship. Sure, all will be well if your partner is scoring big, but it won’t be a walk in the park when they’re losing. That is, of course, so obvious that we don’t even need to mention it. But what we do need to mention is the fact that you need to be there when the going gets tough. If your partner needs to vent, then allow them to. On the other hand, if they prefer to be left alone, then indulge them. We are all different when we’re in the midst of a difficult situation.

Therefore, if there is a period of losing streaks, you shouldn’t then decide how you can’t endure such a thing and end the relationship. Quite literally, you have to take the bad with the good. This is perhaps the only way in which your relationship can work and prosper. If you’re in it, don’t bear any grudge and decide to change your opinion in the spur-of-the-moment. Be consistent in your stance.

Don’t Give Any Ultimatums

Once you start dating a poker player, you have to decide whether you’d be comfortable with all aspects of their life. If there’s a chance that something might be an issue, then this would be an indication that you’re not prepared for such a relationship. In this case, tell them immediately before you reach the point of no return.

In contrast, if you decide to give it a go, then you can’t issue any ultimatums. Their life is what it is, and you can’t change it. However, what you can do is support them and accept them for what they are. Forcing your partner to decide between you and their love of poker is not fair. In fact, you might not like their answer. So make sure not to insinuate that they need to opt for either one, as it will surely make them run for the hills.

Be Prepared for Anything

When there are no working hours and when a person has to travel across the country and not know how the day will end, then you, as a girlfriend, have to be prepared for everything and anything. There will be some unanticipated situations that’ll make you question everything. However, don’t let them get the best of you. Talk with your partner whenever you feel anxious and like you’re worrying too much. They will be there to soothe you and provide some pieces of advice on how to adjust to this life. After all, they’re in it as well, and they’ll give you a word to the wise.

Enjoy It as Much as You Can!

Now, you can explore some of these tips and try them in your relationship. But one of the most important thing you need to do is keep an open mind and work on your relationship together. Once you can rely on each other, the hectic life of poker tournaments won’t do you any harm!

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