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Las Vegas Wedding Options: Where Can Gamblers Marry in Sin City?

A universally acclaimed hub of entertainment and gambling, Las Vegas is also synonymous with luxurious and extraordinary wedding ceremonies. Indeed, the City of Vice is nearly the most beloved and cherished wedding venue in the world, welcoming several thousands of both gamblers and non-“sinners” annually. But it’s mostly the former category of lucky newlyweds who tie the knot in the legendary abode of heavenly fun and outlandish experiences.

The patrons of Vegas casino are always going to relish the opportunity to indulge themselves in a mind-blowing wedding ceremony,  here at the very heart of the world’s gambling industry! And it’s hardly a secret that the tendency to get married in Vegas very often lies in “drunk” gaming — so after partying hard at one of the Strip’s famous casinos, laid-back players use their spur-of-the-moment chance and marry some gal/dude they’ve been placing bets with all night long! Consequently, we may conclude that a lot of Las Vegas weddings happen purely because the lust for action is just spiraling out of control! Still, there are many gamers who finally get hitched in Vegas consciously and purposefully, following weeks or even months of thorough preparation. So, if you happen to be one of those gamblers who are craving a rather more elaborate approach when it comes to finally organize your very own wedding ceremony, then let’s have a look at the coolest gambling venues that have made Las Vegas such a household name just has to be your highest priority for now!

1. Graceland Chapel

The Elvis-inspired ambience of this wedding site entices visitors with its uniqueness and authenticity. This venue first opened in 1947, and it was later renamed “Graceland,” once they had finally obtained the permission of King himself! And in the aftermath of Elvis Presley’s death, the organizers began commemorating the iconic singer by making the place a truly Presley-themed attraction. So here, you can have your wedding hosted by Elvis impersonators, who all immortalize the legendary spirit of the King. The Chapel witnessed the wedding ceremonies of such music legends as Jon Bon Jovi, members of Def Leppard, KISS, and Deep Purple.

Oh, and of course, a lot of gambling party animals have got hitched completely out-of-the-blue at this renowned haven of grace and rock’n’roll!

2. Venus Garden, Ceasar’s Palace

This famous wedding spot is a true abode of Roman culture, featuring a breathtaking ancient-themed floral landscape. It can place up to 114 guests who will have a unique chance to admire the amazing features the garden has — a lovely Roman-style temple, a grandeur stone-tiled aisle, and a magnificent fountain.

3. Chapel In The Clouds

This unique wedding venue will give you an amazing wedding experience on top of the world! Located in the famous Stratosphere Hotel at 1,149 feet above the ground, the wedding chapel allures dreamers in love with its breathtaking view of the beautiful City that Never Sleeps, Las Vegas; as well as the luxuriousness and gaudy aura of the place itself.

4. The Mob Museum

One of the oddest and most idiosyncratic wedding spots in the world, the National Museum of Organized and Law Enforcement is a really appealing option for those more venturesome gamblers who want their wedding day to be as special as it can possibly be! This crime museum offers its customers some exclusive wedding packages with catering, photography, music, and special decor. The building itself is a distinctive piece of architectural art — its elegant arches resemble the early classicist style, while the embellished tables bring the visitors back to the ostentatious Victorian Era!

And once you’ve tied the knot in the Mob Museum, you finally have a chance to explore the history of organized crime in the City of Vice.